We take pride in our approach of crafting elegant, functional and scalable platforms that delight and deliver to expectations. From product design to technical implementation, always full visibility over the project using industry best practices and tools.

At VentureOak we are technologically agnostic - we select the right technologies to address the specific needs of each project. Our products talk to other apps - thanks to our performant APIs we provide full interoperability with existing systems.

Your enterprise architecture and standards will stay untouched as we deliver a modern, modular, fully scalable and mobile ready platform.

We are always here

We love to build great looking products

We are up to date with the latest technologies


VentureOak has an impressive track record of web platforms and web apps.

We continuously serve wide range of industries such as Publishing, Retail, eCommerce, Hospitality, ICT. And have touched almost any business area like Sales, IT, CRM, HR Management, Financial Management, Logistics, Marketing and Communication.

Our products are developed using most modern technologies, best practices and with long term support guarantee. Thus, you, as a client, get the most out of technology and your products stay up-to-date throughout their lifecycle.
Among our favourite web technologies you will know:

  • PHP - Symfony, Phalcon, Laravel
  • Javascript - EcmaScript, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Prototype, jQuery
  • Java - J2EE, Grails, Hibernate, JMS
  • C, C++, C#
  • Python - Vanilla, Django
  • Ruby - Ruby on Rails

Web-Based Software is more efficient, reliable, flexible and secure.


Mobile is one of the most exciting and demanding areas of activity and at VentureOak we believe that native apps can bring the most out of the capabilities of each system.

We have delievered amazing apps on iOS and Android, using native capabilities such as augmented reality, data streaming, message communication, audio-video editing and mixing.

Mobile apps deliver a more customized premium experience,
build loyalty, engage more and generate more business.